“Office Hours” with an Expert Dermatologist


In the landscape of social media, you'll find an expert about almost anything. From fashion and skincare to mattresses and furniture, there are countless self-proclaimed professors of their passion. I call myself a Beauty and Men's Grooming Expert because it is not only my passion but also my educational background and the industry I have worked in for over a decade- married with a lifelong fascination with all things self-care and grooming. I've tried, tested, celebrated, and debunked hundreds of products and practices but even I sometimes look to others for their expert advice. A lot of what I know has been learned by spending time with doctors and certified professionals over the years in their respective fields. I'm so thrilled to be able to share a new series on my site called "Office Hours". Your chance to have your questions answered by true professionals that you probably wouldn't normally be able to see during their normal "office hours." From Dermatologists to Personal Trainers you'll find true expert advice for questions that only a certified professional could really answer. 

"office Hours" with Expert Dermatologist Dr. Terrence Keaney


I have been a huge fan of Dove's products for men a long time, (I even wrote a post about it, which you can find here!)  and their wonderful team was able to connect with me with one of their most trusted sources of information. Dr. Terrence Keaney, MD, FAAD, practices at SkinDC just outside of Washington DC. He's known for being a pioneer and advocate for the personalization of dermatology and recognizes the unique needs for all skin types and genders. He's a trusted source not only for Dove Men + Care but also countless national and international publications. I've asked him some of my own personal as well as top questions I get on on Instagram and here on the site. 

How is Men's Skin, scientifically speaking, different than a woman's skin?

When it comes to skin, men have both biological and behavioral differences compared to women. Men’s skin is usually thicker, oilier and hairier than women’s, so guys must inevitably address their needs/concerns differently. In order to o do so, it requires products that are specifically formulated for him. The Dove Men+Care range of personal care products has approached product design with these differences in mind.

Are there any specific daily rituals, habits, or products a man should be incorporating into his every day skincare Going into Fall and Winter?


Your skin is the largest and one of the most important organs in your body, and it’s also one of the things we tend to neglect the most. As temperatures drop, there is also a decrease in humidity, making it especially crucial that you take precautionary steps to protect and moisturize your skin – but that doesn’t mean your grooming routine has to suddenly become complex.

Cleansing can be drying to the skin because it can strip the skin of its natural oils and moisturizing factors. To take care of exposed skin during harsh fall and winter months, use a hydrating body wash or bar such as Dove Men+Care Clean Comfort, which is formulated with the brand’s signature micro-moisture technology.

If a gentleman is prone to breakouts and has tried every skin care regimen/product out there to help could hormones ever play a factor? When should he see a dermatologist?

Acne is multifactorial and over the counter products are limited by the FDA what active ingredients can be used. If acne is persistent for more than a few weeks, please see a board certified dermatologist before the acne leads to scarring and long lasting blemishes.

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It sounds like you’ve been struggling for a long time now. I would say, after so many years of struggling to manage your skin, the best road to recovery is to consult a local board certified dermatologist to determine the best prescription medications, skincare routine, etc. to help address your skin concerns. Good luck!


A big THANK YOU to Dr. Terrence for his time and the team at Dove Men+Care for connecting us. You can find more of Dr. Terrence on his Instagram. Make sure to keep sending in your questions and if I can't answer them I can find someone available during "Office Hours" who can!

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