Dove Men+Care Discovers the Power of Nature

Dove Men+Care Hops on the Nature Train

Dove Men+Care Elements Minerals+Sage Deodorant is a favorite of mine. A fresh and clean scent with powerful protection.

Dove Men+Care Elements Minerals+Sage Deodorant is a favorite of mine. A fresh and clean scent with powerful protection.

What's the deal with dove?

Here's the deal. For a drugstore brand, DOVE, for a long time has been the (female) consumer's choice for gentle, good-for-you, body and skincare. In 2010 they took advantage of the rapidly expanding male consumer market and launched Dove Men+Care. The brand that built an empire on selling to women managed to gain a massive male following through a traditionally masculine color palette and package design maximizing its appeal to us boys. Now, 7 years later, Dove has again realized that all consumers, male and female alike, care more and more about integrating natural-inspired ingredients and their said benefits into their skin and grooming care. 

Introducing dove men+care elements

Feeling all-day-fresh after using the Minerals+Sage Body Wash.

Feeling all-day-fresh after using the Minerals+Sage Body Wash.

As Dove explains, "Dove  Men+Care Elements combines the care men need with nature-inspired ingredients to leave skin, hair and underarms feeling fresh. The range draws on freshness delivered by unique ingredient combinations." I love seeing ingredients like clay, renowned for its purifying properties, and charcoal for skin cleansing, integrated into products. Taking a step further and addressing the specific needs of men they've included mineral powders that are known to absorb moisture, and energizing qualities are delivered by sage and sandalwood leave you with a feeling of all day freshness.The Dove Men+Care Elements body wash with MicroMoisture and the bar with ¼ moisturizing technology, cleanses and nourishes skin without drying. The range’s deodorants and antiperspirants provide 48-hour protection from sweat, and help to prevent skin irritation.

Is it worth the hype?

The answer is simple and the answer is yes. I understand that quality skincare usually comes at a premium price so it's refreshing to see an "everyman's" brand embrace newer skincare technologies and ingredient stories. Just like my fashion, I like to mix and and low's into my regimen and this new collection allows me to splurge on some other high-ticket skincare items I might want to splurge on. Don't get me wrong, my masculinity isn't fragile enough to be shaken by feminine packaging but I definitely appreciate the color palette and attention to detail in and out of these products. My skin is oily, it's summer time, and I work out almost every day. I'm prone to breakouts and the charcoal ingredient is crucial for my skincare. The Mineral and Sage keep me fresh and dry all day without an overwhelming "male fragrance" scent, and I notice a considerable difference in the softness of my skin with their body wash. 

where do i get it?


Your local drugstore will be carrying this full range already. But this post has all shoppable links included! The Dove Men+Care Elements Dry Spray Antiperspirant Deodorant Mineral Powder + Sandalwood is a new hero product for me. Congrats Dove Men+Care on a fantastic new addition to the men's grooming market!