A Smoother Summer with Harry's


My earliest memories of my father are ones of self-care, smelling good, and feeling great. Forever the charmer, my dad loved to present his best self to the world and a big part of that was how he looked. As a man in the military my dad stuck to a pretty strict shaving regimen and before I had even grown facial hair I learned the do's and don'ts to a close, clean shave. I watched my dad fill the sink with hot water, gently steaming his face in the process. A can of Barbasol Shaving Cream and a Gillette Razor in hand my father began the smooth process of a shave. First with the grain then against the grain, rinse, and finally a pat of his favorite aftershave. 

When it was finally my turn to start shaving I battled with ingrown hairs, acne, and scarring. Why didn't my shave stay as neat and clean as my father's? Everyone's skin is different and men of color are particularly prone to ingrown hairs due to the coarse, curly texture of our facial hair. I've since mastered the art of a shave and now Harry's promises to make our lives and shaving smoother with their products and service. Designed and formulated for a quality shave- Harry's aims to take the guess work out of razor shopping and great skincare.

As a part of their Father's Day outreach I was able to share a Limited Edition Storm Grey Shaving set with my father and have one for myself. Complete with a fun "Dad-Lib's" card I was able to give my dad the gift of millennial shaving secrets in sleek, handsome packaging. Here are some of my tips for a smooth shave if you have coarse, curly, facial hair like mine!




The Foundation of a Clean Shave

I have two factors working against me and a clean comfortable shave. My thick, wiry facial hair and oily skin that attracts dirt which then allows bacteria to grow leading to breakouts. My secret, can't skip this step, weapon is to start every neck shave with an exfoliator that contains Salicylic Acid. I have a few favorites but my tried and true, never lets me down favorite is St. Ives Blemish Control Apricot Scrub. I have tough skin that can handle the larger Apricot Shell exfoliating particles but for those with sensitive skin I would recommend Shea Moisture's Three Butters Wash and Scrub from their men's collection.Also need to mention that I always shave in the shower. I have a fog free suction cup mirror that allows me to get up close and personal in the best condition for a shave- hot and steamy. It softens the facial hair, opens up the pores, and makes for a smoother shave.

Click through the Gallery below for more detailed steps.


With the Grain Or Against the Grain?

Just like my father taught me, I first shave with the grain and then against the grain. Take the time to feel your skin and get a sense of which way your hair grows. Many times you'll find that you hair grows in "whirls" in some sections that will require you to shave a couple different angles to achieve the closest possible shave. It's usually in these "whirl like" patterns that I tend to break out so I pay special attention to them. If you're prone to bumps and breakouts like me I always recommend using a Pre-Shave Oil. I'm currently using SheaMoisture Men's Three Butters Beard Softener and Skin Protector.  Then I use the edge blade on my Harry's Razor to clean up my beard line. I always like to do this to add symmetry and structure to my face. It also helps keep my wild facial hair looking as tame and neat as possible. Added Bonus? Added exfoliating which is known as Skin Blading. I definitely believe this is one of the secrets behind my skin "glow". 

A Clean Finish

After I finish my shave I splash my face with cold water and then pat dry with a nice fluffy towel. At this point you can use Harry's Post Shave Balm which has a calm, soothing effect. As an added protection against breakouts I'll apply Kiehl's Acne Blemish Control Daily Skin Clearing Treatment. It's packed with naturally derived Salicylic Acid in a clean, fragrance free formula that layers beautifully underneath your moisturizer. 


The Verdict? Even though I don't have a clean shaven face I still value a quality razor and shaving experience. Harry's has provided men with high quality products directly from them at less than half of what I was used to paying at the drug store. They care deeply about the quality of our products. They have a team of over 600 expert designers, craftsmen, chemists and engineers that built their products from the finest materials and ingredients using an exacting production process to ensure they deliver exceptional performance. So what's the catch? Turns out their isn't one. They offer an incredible variety of shave plans that suits any sized pocket with blades delivered right to your door monthly. With a commitment to quality, passion for innovation and design, Harry's has my stamp of approval.