Fringe Fest and Latin Flair by Étalon


One of the greatest things about Instagram, is that it connects you with talents across the globe that you wouldn't traditionally be introduced to. With today's shopper preferring to shop online more and more, it's only natural you're introduced to brands via the social media platform. That's exactly what happened when Steve Canar from the brand Étalon reached out to me after I went on a liking spree of the page's sleek, cool, effortless, styles. 

I digitally interviewed Steve to learn more about the brand- read on to find out more. 


Can you give me a quick synopsis of you and your background in Fashion?

Steve Canar

Steve Canar

My name is Steve Canar and I am the designer behind the high end street wear brand Étalon (meaning Stallion in French). I was born in Ecuador and at the age of 7 my family moved to America for the American dream. I was born loving fashion ever since I could remember I would admire clothes. I had humble beginnings so I learned to sew and would constantly re-invent my old clothes and make them look like a completely brand new piece. I was always trying to think a step ahead of the trends or just bring back certain trends from the past to make them current. After high school I moved to LA and dreamed of working for Rachel Zoe which I admire so much and actually wanted to be a stylist for the longest time. I gave styling a shot for a couple years and loved it but in that path I realized I could take it to the next level and start designing my own pieces. Being a designer is definitely my dream it gives me a certain high I have never felt before when I see someone wearing my own designs and getting compliments. 

How was the brand born? 

I am confident one day Étalon will be internationally known. 

When I was styling and in my personal life sometimes it would be a struggle finding pieces I wanted to create a look with so I just started making them myself. One day after seeing that people were constantly noticing what I wore especially the pieces I made myself I decided it was time to start selling them. Instantly this made me so happy I started selling them one by one and slowly built my website, made some business cards, found factories that can produce my designs and boom it all fell into place. It has been about a year and a half now and I cannot wait for the future. I am confident one day Étalon will be internationally known. 

I'm obsessed with the fabric of the Tee's. What inspired the cut and design?

I've always loved that greaser style where guys looked effortless in their white tees and rolled up sleeves so I tried to recreate just that. The shirt comes in 2 sizes Small/Medium or Medium/Large because the material has some stretch so it molds to your body once you have it on. The neck is a loose relaxed fit so its not too constricting like some crew neck styles would be. The sleeves hug your arm so it shows off your guns or if you do want that greaser style you just roll them up and they will stay like that much easier than a regular 100% cotton tee would, its awesome! The shirt is super lightweight and a bit see through so you can layer as much as you want or wear it by itself for those hot summer days. For ultimate comfort there is no tag in the inside and to top things off the material is the most comfortable and silky to the touch.


How big of a role does social media play in the growth of the brand?


I only sell through social media that is how I drive traffic to my website by posting on my personal Instagram @SteveCanar and my brand instagram @EtalonBySC as well as on Facebook. Its so wild to me the power of instagram and social media influencers I mean without them I don't think I could have gotten my business up and running. 

Click through the slideshow below to see two of my fave pieces from Steve's collection in action!